griddle & shake: where to eat in nottingham

I have probably eaten at the majority of food places in Nottingham and I now find myself asking friends where I can try next. Even though Nottingham is a great city for food with new places constantly opening, sometimes you miss out on small independent companies opening as they just don’t get the advertising they need. This happened to me, I received an email from Griddle & Shake asking if I want to come try their menu, but who were Griddle & Shake and why have I never heard of them?


Griddle & Shake are located in the lace market right next to the lace market tram stop (how convenient). Opening in November they have created a new casual dining experience that lets you create the food you want. They also pride themselves on only providing good quality food in their restaurant, all produce is locally sourced where possible and the meat is Red Tractor approved. The way you order and personalise your food means you can see it in front of your eyes so you know what you’re eating. 

As a student the first thing I do before going somewhere to eat is to look at the menu to see how expensive it is. Following my usual pattern, I had a quick browse at their menu and I was surprised at their prices. You can choose a large burger (with cheese) or 10 large wings, a regular side and a drink for only £11. That’s a lot of food. This also includes unlimited toppings on your burger so you can go as crazy as you want. The menu allows you to create whatever you want, you order and choose everything from the bun, your burger type and what you want on it, then you sit down at your table and wait for them to bring it over which they are quick about doing. I decided to go for a regular beef burger with added halloumi on a classic bun. For toppings I was boring and only had lettuce and onion, I was later told I should of tried their homemade burger relish. For a side I had sweet potato fries and a lemonade with free refill to wash it down.

At the time I was ill with a cold meaning my tastebuds weren’t as alive as I wanted them to be but I could still tell how delicious it was, my boyfriend even agreed saying he would definitely go back. After filling myself with burger and fries we decided to wash it all down with a milkshake, which may of been the best bit about my visit. Everyone loves a milkshake and again you can choose as many add ins as you want, I went for Nutella and Speculoo’s which created a shake that tasted like a Nutella cheesecake, it was amazing! And for all you non milk drinkers, they even do a diary free option so theres no need to miss out. 

All in all I really enjoyed my visit to Griddle & Shake, the food tasted good, it was reasonably priced, the staff were friendly and my shake was amazing so I would 100% go back. If you are ever in Nottingham and stuck where to go I would highly recommend trying this place as I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Students also get 10% off and they offer a ‘student passport’ which offers students six offers every time they visit, these include 50% off your bill or even a free shake! However this ends on the April 1st so get in there now. A few weeks ago they also started unlimited burgers, wings and fries for £12 on a Monday and Tuesday so I think thats where I shall be heading the next time I’m hungry…

*we were invited to Griddle & Shake for the purpose of providing this review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own


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