Wednesday Watch Wishlist

top watch – vis vires / bottom watch – daniel wellington

A watch used to be the only piece of jewellery that I wore and loved, however, ever since loosing my favourite watch on holiday last year I am yet to replace it. I miss it and whenever I see other people with a stylish watch on their wrist it inspires me to purchase one again. The only problem is, which one? I want something classic and these are the two I have found. The top watch is from a new company I have just discovered and after browsing their website I found many items that took my fancy. It is from a brand called vis vires and I recommend you all to have a little browse. The bottom watch is a daniel wellington watch, which I’m sure you all instantly recognised. I have been eying up this watch forever but just haven’t purchased it yet…

I feel like I need a watch in my life but as a student it may not be a necessity yet. But if I’m good, maybe santa will bring me one for christmas?

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