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What is it like studying Fashion Marketing and Branding?

August 2014 was the dreaded results day and as I sat and opened my envolope and looked at the terrible grades in front of me (maths as an A-level is hard ok) and I realised I wasn’t going to university this year. I had the opportunity to re-sit my A-levels or find something else. At this point I knew I didn’t want another year of numbers and shakespear so I looked for something that interested me more and something that would be more relevant towards the university degree I wanted to do. I looked at the colleges and course I could do and found ‘fashion retail’ at a college in nottingham. The course may sound boring and you might be thinking ‘fashion retail really?’ but it was honestly should a good course and I would recommend it to anymore. The course covered everything from branding, merchandising and styling where we did a collar with house of fraser which was pretty fun. After this year I finally had enough UCAS points to try again and after writing another personal statement, not fun, I finally got onto the course I wanted.

I study fashion marketing and branding at nottingham trent and after surviving first year I made it to my second where the real work begins. If you want to study fashion there are so many courses you can do now where you don’t have to be able to cut/sew/design/sketch. The course focusses on the business side of fashion and is there focused towards this (more than I thought it would be) and you focus on a lot on strategy, consumer behaviour and communications all within the context of the fashion and lifestyle industry. You have to be both a strategic and creative thinking in order to survive the course and be willing to do a million swot analysis’, only a few will understand my pain. The course is all assessed through coursework, so no more exams!!!!!! You get marked on both individual and group work, and trust me there is A LOT of group work involved on this course, which you’ll either hate or love. Im only in 3 days a week in a mixture of lectures, seminars and workshops, which has allowed me to have a part time job on top of my studies.

So far we have I have created a visual essay on calvin klein, created a marketing strategy plan for boux avenue if they were to launch in america, done a million group presentations and also had a cheeky trip to new york. I’m currently doing a project in collaboration with next, I have a survey here if you fancy taking it. We’re looking at user experience and how important communications are for a brand, with the final output of creating 3 new features or improvements for their website or mobile app. Its only my second day back after christmas and I’m already very stressed, but its uni so what did I expect?

If you’re thinking of studying fashion marketing I would highly recommend by course and university, nottingham is such a good city and I have met the best people ever here. 3 years is a long time to study something so make sure you pick something you love and can put up with for this amount of time. Im just itching to get some work experience now, which you do have the chance to do in second year if you can find a placement… I’m currently struggling to do so. If you have any questions feel free to ask me but other than that, enjoy uni guys!


*I have now finished studying at university – If you wish to learn more about my life now I have finished please read my post here!




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