10 things Ive learned since turning 20

10 things I've learned since turning 20

In May my teenage years came to an end and I feel like I’ve finally entered by adult years. University has suddenly got serious and I feel like I need to get my life together. Since becoming 20 there are a few things I’ve learned so I thought I’d share my wisdom with you (if you can call it wisdom anyway).

1. Just because you’re 20 does not mean that acne can’t invade your face and ruin your life.

2. When you’re hungover you actually think you’re going to die.

3. You have to take healthy eating seriously. That greasy food eventually catches up on you.

4. That 5 year plan that everyone else has, you do not need.

5. You start to care less what people think about you. People judging you is the last thing you care about when you’re loving life.

6. You suddenly become obsessed with making lists yet doing nothing on them. (I think this one might just be me)

7. Life gets more expensive. How do you even pay an electric bill?

8. A night in watching terrible reality TV and drinking tea is now your idea of perfection.

9. Sometimes you just have to remind yourself to slow down. You’re not as old as you think you are.

10. Realising you’re not the only person who is 20 and going through all this.


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